Tube/tire/sealant installation: $6 labor, plus…

  • Tube prices range from $8 to $20, depending on wheel size & tube type
  • Palisade has an abundance of goat head thorns, so we recommend using some type of sealant in your setup- $4/wheel

Tubeless sealant recharge – $10/wheel

Tubeless setup, including valve, tape, and sealant: $35/wheel


Tune Up

standard tune: $55

  • gear & brake adjustments
  • drivetrain inspection
  • chain lubrication
  • wheels trued, on bike
  • hub inspection & adjustment
  • bolt/safety check

major tune: $90

  • all items from standard tune, plus…
  • drivetrain degreasing
  • wheels trued off bike, in truing stand
  • frame cleaning/polishing
  • installation of new parts (all parts extra)


À la carte:

Brake, Derailleur, or Dropper Post Cable & Housing: $20 external; $30 internal

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed: $25/brake (includes brake fluid)

Derailleur/Shifter Adjustment: $10

Brake Adjustment: $10


Suspension Service:

Call, email, or stop by for a quote, since part prices & details of service vary greatly with all the cool stuff that’s out there